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Simpson Lawrence

Simpson Lawrence Windlass Parts

At P2 Marine we have been able to source many of the parts that are no longer available from Simpson Lawrence, and are working diligently to build an adequate inventory.  We have found that many, but not all,  parts for these windlasses are still available from the companies that originally manufactured them for Simpson Lawrence.

The prices for the parts we inventory is high because we are presently buying in small quantities, and the transport costs to import these parts is high.

Please note that common Simpson Lawrence Windlass parts are subject to a 30% restocking charge should you need to return them, and that many special order parts are non-returnable.  When you place an order for a part that is a special order, we'll let you know the lead time for delivery and ask you to acknowledge that you understand that you have placed a special order for a non-returnable item.

Please feel free to give us a call if you have any questions....

Please determine the model of your Simpson Lawrence windlass before you call us.  We can't help you find parts if you don't know what model windlass you have.

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