Forespar Hoyt Jib Boom System 350
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Forespar Hoyt Jib Boom System 350

As your boat bears off downwind, and the sheets are eased, the Hoyt Jib Boom ™ maintains precise control of the jib’s leach. This results in remarkable performance improvement and ease of handling.

  • Leach twist perfectly trimmed downwind
  • Self tacking upwind
  • Self vanging downwind
  • Up and downwind jib control based on a simple & effective principle
  • Sail more easily and more efficiently!
  • White Powder Coated (base only)
  • Perfect trim of your 100% self-tacking jib Wing and Wing downwind
The typical base placement (center of the pedestal base) is 10% aft of the headstay. This is not a critical location, but rather a “Rule of Thumb”. Various obstacles can obstruct the pedestal base position.

All knuckles are bent to 57 degrees. All pedestals are set at 23 degrees. All angles are calculated on a perfectly flat and level deck. Wedges will be required on many installations to make up for deck camber. A universal black molded urethane wedge which can be cut to fit is available from Forespar®.

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