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NMEA 0183 Multiplexers
ShipModul MiniPlex 2S
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ShipModul Multiplexers

ShipModul Multiplexers

An NMEA multiplexer, also called combiner, solves the problem by offering an intermediate storage of sentences. Every talker in the system in fig.4 is connected to its own NMEA input on the multiplexer. The multiplexer reads complete sentences from every connected listener and stores them in a buffer. There is a buffer for every input, large enough to contain several sentences. Subsequently, the multiplexer checks every buffer in a round-robin fashion for the presence of sentences. Each time, one sentence is taken from a buffer and sent to the NMEA output of the multiplexer.

The diagram on this page shows a multiplexer in a typical installation, where the NMEA data from four instruments is combined into one stream. This stream is sent to the connected computer over an RS-232 or USB interface, to be used for electronic navigation. Also connected is an autopilot which receives NMEA data from the instruments or the computer or both, depending on the configuration of the multiplexer.

Multiplexer Diagram

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