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ShipModul MiniPlex 2USB

ShipModul Multiplexer

ShipModul MiniPlex 2USB

The MiniPlex-2USB is an advanced NMEA multiplexer, combining data from up to four navigation instruments into two NMEA outputs and a USB port. It is the ideal solution for computers and laptops without a serial port. It also supports AIS and other high speed NMEA devices up to 57600 Baud.

Using the MiniPlex-2USB multiplexer has some major advantages:

  • Data from multiple instruments is available as one single stream on one single cable. This reduces wiring cost.
  • Seamless integration into an existing Raymarine Seatalk® network.
  • All inputs are galvanically isolated, eliminating ground loops between instruments.
  • Full galvanic isolation on the USB port, eliminating ground loops between multiplexer and computer which are often on separate power grids.
  • The MiniPlex allows you to fully control the source, the destination and the rate of each individual NMEA sentence by its powerful sentence filtering and routing facility.
  • Automatic switching between computer navigation and GPS based navigation.
  • Automatic switching between primary and secondary instruments in case of failure or invalid data.
  • Connects directly to a USB port without the typical USB problems. Plug & Play as it was meant to be.

Two NMEA outputs (talker ports) allow distribution of the NMEA data to up to eight instruments.

The MiniPlex-2USB can be connected directly to the USB port of the computer without an additional Serial <-> USB converter. The supplied driver creates a virtual COM port on the computer, allowing all existing navigation software to be used with this multiplexer. Stand-alone operation is also possible, in which case the USB interface is only used to configure the multiplexer.

The combination of the MiniPlex-2USB and its virtual COM port driver is a dedicated NMEA solution, as opposed to using a generic Serial <–> USB converter. It therefore does not exhibit the well known problems of these generic converters like false detection of mice when the GPS is switched on or sudden drop-outs in the NMEA data stream.

Any attempt of Windows to detect Plug & Play devices on our virtual COM port is blocked. The result is that the MiniPlex–2USB is a real trouble-free Plug & Play solution. Just plug in the USB cable, insert the driver CD, a few clicks and you're up and running!

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Supply voltage: 8-35VDC, secured against reversed polarity
Current consumption: 50mA (100mA max. with fully loaded talker ports)
Computer interface: USB, galvanically isolated
Inputs: 4 x NMEA 0183/RS-422, galvanically isolated
Input resistance: > 800 Ohm

2 x NMEA 0183/RS-422

Buffers: 5 buffers of 1024 characters (4 x NMEA, 1 x USB)
Filter list size: 50 sentence types
Priority list size: 50 sentence types
Speed NMEA In 1-3: 4800 - 57600 baud
Speed NMEA In 4/Out 1: 4800 - 57600 baud
Speed NMEA Out 2: 4800 - 115200 baud
Dimensions: 138 x 62 x 30mm
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