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Compact Strand Wire - Type 316 SS - Dyform

Compact Strand Wire - Type 316 SS

P2 Marine no longer stocks the Dyform® compact strand wire manufactured by Bridon Int’l. Ltd. We do stock Sta-Lok’s unique wedge for Dyfom® wire. There are other types of compact strand wire available; we are currently stocking "XXX" compact strand wire that will fit Sta-Lok’s "Dyform" wedge.

If you are using a compact strand wire that you did not purchase from us you will have to ensure that the "Dyform" wedge will work with your specific brand of compact strand wire. Use the same precaution when installing Norseman or Hi-Mod fittings on compact strand wire. The bore of the wedge must match the outside diameter of the core wire strands or the terminal will not function as designed. P2 Marine will not be responsible for use of non-supplied compact strand wire with Sta-Lok "Dyform" wedges.

Part No. Description (Click for more information) Price Buy Now
rigWCM025 1x7 Wire, Compact Strand 2.5mm $1.24 Add to cart
rigWCM03 1x7 Wire, Compact Strand, 3mm $1.59 Add to cart
rigWCM04 1x7 Wire, Compact Strand, 4mm $2.68 Add to cart
rigWCM05 1x19 Wire, Compact Strand, 5mm $3.34 Add to cart
rigWCM06 1x19 Wire, Compact Strand, 6mm $4.58 Add to cart
rigWCM07 1x19 Wire, Compact Strand, 7mm $6.02 Add to cart
rigWCM08 1x19 Wire, Compact Strand, 8mm $7.87 Add to cart
rigWCM10 1x19 Wire, Compact Strand, 10mm $12.53 Add to cart
rigWCM12 1x19 Wire, Compact Strand, 12mm $14.24 Add to cart
rigWCM14 1x 36 Wire, Compact Strand, 14mm $18.37 Add to cart


Wire Size Type Approximate Breaking Strength** Weight/ 100 Ft Part Number
2.5mm 1X7D 1,518 Lbs. 2.28 Lbs. WCM2.5
3mm 1X7D 2,200 Lbs. 3.28 Lbs. WCM03
4mm 1X7D 3,916 Lbs. 5.91 Lbs WCM04
5mm 1X19D 5,368 Lbs. 9.1 Lbs WCM05
6mm 1X19D 7,810 Lbs. 13 Lbs WCM06
7mm 1X19D 10,820 Lbs. 17.4 Lbs. WCM07
8mm 1X19D 13,530 Lbs. 23.2 Lbs. WCM08
10mm 1X19D 21,490 Lbs. 36.3 Lbs. WCM10
12mm 1X19D 31,746 Lbs. 54.2 Lbs. WCM12
14mm 1x25D 42,549 Lbs 77.28 Lbs. WCM14


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