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Karver KF Furlers

Karver Furlers

Karver Furlers

A furler is the ideal system to set and strike light sails. In a race utilizing multiple furlers for various sails, Karver offers the advantage of roller furling without the weight and windage of a conventional roller reefing systems. K.F. Furlers optimize sail handling with minimal weight aloft.
Karver is an industry leader in this concept offering a complete range of superior products for all sailors.

K.F. Furlers have a notch on the spool allowing fitting or removal of the loop line with out removing the line cover or dismounting the system.


  • Eliminates the need to remove the cover and avoids the risk of loosing small parts (screws, pins…).
  • Keeps the mechanism closer to the deck by avoiding the necessary displacement required for removable covers.
  • The loop line is simply and quickly engaged or removed from the spool through the notch.
  • Increases available luff length by minimizing the height of the spool and tack fitting.

The swivel or upper mechanism:
The loads applied to a furler are particularly high on the swivel. Karver utilizes high resistance stainless steel ball bearings to ensure smooth rotation under the most extreme loads.

All K.F. Furlers are maintenance free and protected by a special anodizing with Teflon impregnation.  No pins or small parts to loose.  Simple attachment systems provide for a conventional snap shackle or a 2:1 block either on top of the swivel or below the spool. H.R. Shackles and specials thimbles (aluminium or stainless steel) are also available for each furler.

Part No. Description (Click for more information) Price Buy Now
karPF100000 Karver Furler - KF1 Large $1256.00 Add to cart
karPF090000 Karver Furler - KF2 Large $1912.00 Add to cart
karPF080000 Karver Furler - KF5 $3733.00 Add to cart
karPF110000 Karver Furler KF8 $6374.00 Add to cart


Part No. Description (Click for more information) Price Buy Now
karSF100136 Karver KF1 Lashing Thimble $39.81 Add to cart
karSF090410 Karver KF2 Lashing Thimble $117.52 Add to cart
karPF080050 Karver KF5 Lashing Thimble $168.02 Add to cart
karPF100030 Karver KF1 - 2:1 Halyard Block $361.30 Add to cart
karPF090030 Karver KF2 - 2:1 Halyard Block $526.98 Add to cart
karPF080030 Karver KF5 - 2:1 Halyard Block $1006.89 Add to cart





Working load 3,306 lbs 3,306 lbs 5,511 lbs 11,023 lbs 17,636 lbs
Breaking load 6,613 lbs 6,613 lbs 11,023 lbs 22,046 lbs 35,273 lbs
Weight 13.5 oz 17.5 oz 29.24 oz 55.38 oz 77.6 oz
Drum diameter 3.46" 4.37" 5.90" 6.88" 8.34"
Height 3.8" 3.54" 4.37" 5.43" 6.73"
Control line diameter 1/4" 1/4" 5/16" 3/8" 3/8"


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