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Karver K-Blocks


Karver Blocks

Karver K-Blocks

Simple and efficient, the K-Block is outstanding for numerous applications. Attached by a basic lashing and combined with a simple design the K-Block is unequaled in weight (very light) to working load (very high) ratios.

Advantages of attaching through the blocks center with a lashing:

Safety: Lashing through the blocks center significantly increases safety in the event the block fails. The line running through the block remains captive by the lashing not allowing it to completely break free.

Light Weight: These exceptionally light blocks combined with the lashing method of attachment reduces by approximately 50% as compared to conventional blocks with similar working loads.

Attachment: Lashing through the center of the block offers unlimited applications and mounting possibilities (double lashing, becketů), the block can be tied up easily.

Reduced Noise: Lashing blocks greatly reduces noise created by mechanical attachments such as shackles and pins.

Part No. Description (Click for more information) Price Buy Now
karPF190030G Karver K Block - KB6 Single $47.95 Add to cart
karPF040030G Karver K Block - KB8 Single $95.79 Add to cart
karPF020030 Karver K Block - KB10 Single $223.24 Add to cart
karPF180030 Karver K Block - KB12 Single $348.03 Add to cart

KB Links
(Used to make double blocks)

Part No. Description (Click for more information) Price Buy Now
karPL191142 Karver KB6 Link $37.00 Add to cart
karPL040774 Karver KB8 Link $58.00 Add to cart
karPL021143 Karver KB10 Link $65.00 Add to cart


Model Working load Weight Line diameter Block diameter
KB6 220Kg 25g 6mm 45.2mm
KB8 440Kg 42g 8mm 50mm
KB10 1 T 75g 10mm 65mm
KB12 1.4T 119g 12mm 79mm
KB14 2T 193g 14mm 92mm


Karver K Blocks Lashing

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