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Winch Service
Lewmar Winch Service Kits

Ocean Self Tailing Winches
(1992 to Present)

Lewmar 14ST Parts
Lewmar 16ST Parts

Lewmar 28ST Parts

Lewmar 30ST Parts

Lewmar 34ST Parts

Lewmar 40ST Parts

Lewmar 44ST Parts

Lewmar 46ST Parts

Lewmar 48ST Parts

Lewmar 50ST Parts

Lewmar 54ST Parts

Lewmar 58ST Parts

Lewmar 62ST Parts

Lewmar 64ST Parts

Current Standard Winches
(1992 to Present)

Lewmar Size 6/7/8 Parts

Lewmar Size 16 Parts

Lewmar Size 24 Parts

Lewmar Size 30 Parts

Lewmar Size 40 Parts

Lewmar Size 43 Parts

EVO Self Tailing Winches
(Late 2010 to Present)

Lewmar EVO 15ST Parts

Lewmar EVO 30ST Parts

Lewmar EVO 40ST Parts

Lewmar EVO 45ST Parts

Lewmar EVO 50ST Parts

Lewmar EVO 55ST Parts

Lewmar EVO 65ST Parts

Electric Winches
Lewmar Electric Winch Parts

Current Racing Winches
Lewmar 40STOR Parts
Lewmar 44STOR Parts

Lewmar 44/3 AOR Parts

Lewmar 48STOR Parts

Lewmar 48/3 AOR Parts

Lewmar 50STOR Parts

Lewmar 50/3 AOR Parts

Lewmar 54STOR Parts

Lewmar 58STOR Parts

Lewmar 60/3STOR Parts

Lewmar 62STOR Parts

Farr 40 Winches
Farr 40 Main Sheet Winch
Farr 40 Pit Winch

Farr 40 Primary Winch

Older Winches

Early Standard Winches
(1982 to 1992)

Early Standard Size 6/7
Early Standard Size 8

Early Standard Size 16

Early Standard Size 24/30/40

Early Standard Size 43/46

Early Standard Size 48

Early Standard Size 52

Early Standard Size 55

Early Standard Size 65

Wavegrip Self Tailing Winches
(1983 to 1991)

Wavegrip Size 16ST
Wavegrip Size 30ST

Wavegrip Size 40ST

Wavegrip Size 43/46ST

Wavegrip Size 48ST

Wavegrip Size 52/56ST

Wavegrip Size 55ST

Wavegrip Size 65ST

















Lewmar Winches

Lewmar Winch Parts

At P2 Marine we understand that when you need a part for your Lewmar winch, you need it delivered quickly.  This is why we stock all of the most common parts required to keep your winches in service, and we place weekly orders to fill in for less common and special order parts.

If you have an emergency please give us a call to check product availability and discuss expedited delivery.

Please note that common Lewmar winch parts are subject to a 30% restocking charge should you need to return them, and that special order parts are non-returnable.  When you place an order for a part that is a special order we will inform you via email that the part you have ordered is a special order item.

Please feel free to give us a call if you have any questions....

Spare Parts for Lewmar Winches

Ocean Winch Service Video

Evo Winch Service Video

Lewmar Winch Publications

Identify Your Lewmar Winch

EVO Self Tailing Winches
The Evo Winch is Lewmar's newest winch, and has been in production since late in 2010

Lewmar EVO Winches

Ocean Self Tailing Winch
Ocean Wavespring self-tailing winches have been in production since 1992, and are easily identified by the chrome, spin-off top cap and spring loaded composite jaws.  Racing versions are identified by an alloy feeder arm and top cap in place of the Ocean's chromed bronze.

Lewmar Self Tailing Winches

Current Standard Winches
Current Standard Ocean Winches have been produced from 1992 have a gray molded top crown on the drum, except for Size 6 which has a one-piece metal drum.

Lewmar Standard Winches

Wavegrip Self Tailing Winches
Wavegrip Self-Tailing Winches were produced between 1983-1991 (approx.) and are identified by either 4 cross head screws or allen bolt securing the top cap. They also have fixed jaws.  Please note that some winch sizes have only a limited range of spares available.

Lewmar Wavegrip Winches

Early Standard Winches
Early Standard Winches were produced between 1982 - 1992 (approx.) and had a black moulded top crown on the drum.  Please note that spares for some sizes are limited.


Lewmar Early Standard Winches

Earlier Standard Winches
Earlier Standard Winches had one-piece drums and only very limited spares are now available. Please contact Lewmar directly for details.

Lewmar Earlier Standard Winches

Holdfast Self Tailing Winches
Hold Fast Self-Tailing Winches were produced between 1978 - 1983 in Sizes 16, 30 & 34 and can be identified by their one piece upper crown and feeder arm that screwed directly on top.  Available spares for these winches are now very limited.  Please contact Lewmar directly for details.


Lewmar Holdfast Winches

Spring Jaw Winches
The earliest self-tailing winches, Spring Jaw, were produced between 1975-1977 and had 6 allen screws securing the top cap.  Available spares for these winches are now very limited.  Please contact Lewmar directly for details.

Lewmar Spring Jaw Winches

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