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McLube Sailkote, One Drop bearing oil and Hullkote polish
If it slides - use Sailkote
If it rolls - use OneDrop
If it shines - use Hullkote

McLube Lubricants

Sailkote™ High Performance Dry Lubricant
This easy-to-apply, fast-drying lubricant instantly bonds to clean, dry surfaces, repelling dirt, salt, and reducing drag from air and water. Sailkote™ lasts significantly longer than Teflon® additives, oil, or wax-based lubricants and is environmentally friendly, with no chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), petroleum, or poison-emitting toxins. Use on mainsail tracks, hatches, sliding doors, sails, battens, telltales, slider cars and tracks.

OneDrop™ Ball Bearing Conditioner
Only one drop of this new conditioner will repel salt, dirt and other deposits to protect, lubricate and condition the bearing surfaces. Reduced friction allows balls to roll freely and evenly, greatly improving block or traveler performance.

Hullkote™ Speed Polish
This environmentally-friendly, citrus-based polish deep cleans and protects your hull so it’s always in racing condition. Its long-lasting, high-gloss finish repels water to reduce drag for ultra-fast results. McLube Hullkote™ applies easily over other waxes and polishes and is safe to use on fiberglass, metal, plexiglass and painted surfaces. Hullkote™ lasts more than a season when applied above the waterline, and more than 20 hard days of sailing when applied below.

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mcl06OZ McLube Sailkote - 6 oz. Aerosol $10.91 Add to cart
mcl16OZ McLube Sailkote - 16 Oz. Aerosol $18.68 Add to cart
mclQT McLube Sailkote - Quart $54.39 Add to cart
mclGALLON McLube Sailkote - Gallon $198.77 Add to cart
har7875 McLube One Drop Ball Conditioner $13.50 Add to cart
har7880 McLube Hullkote Speed Polish - 16 oz. $32.00 Add to cart

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