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Schaefer Marine

Schaefer Blocks

Since 1966, Schaefer Marine has stood at the forefront of sailing hardware design and construction, offering rugged, durable blocks engineered to perform no matter how demanding the conditions.

Their entire line of blocks are built of the finest materials available and designed with a real-world understanding of the forces at work on a sailing yacht.

Just as solid is their commitment to their customers. At Schaefer Marine, they are dedicated to providing the highest levels of service and support in the industry. As a result, there is no name in sailing blocks more trusted than Schaefer Marine.

Schaefer Blocks

Block Selection

Block Max Line Diameter SWL
 Sheave Only
Ball Bearing
Pin Diameter Sheave Diameter
Series 1 1/4" 750 Lbs n/a 3/16" 3/4"
Series 2 5/16" 900 Lbs 500 Lbs 3/16" 1-1/16"
Series 3 7/16" 1000 Lbs n/a 3/16" 1-7/16"
Series 5 9/16" 1750 Lbs 1500 Lbs 1/4" 2"
Series 7 1/2" 2250 Lbs 1700 Lbs 1/4" 2-3/8"
Series 8 9/16" n/a 2750 5/16" 2-3/8"
Series 10 5/8" n/a 3750 Lbs 3/8" 3-1/4"


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