Actisnse Marine Electronics

Actisense DST-2-200 Active DST Module - 200kHz

Brand: Actisense
Part Number: DST-2-200
Breathe new smart digital life into your old or new transducers, with this NMEA depth, speed & temperature digital signal processor

The Actisense™ Active Depth/Speed/Temperature module is the best solution for interfacing standard analogue transducers and NMEA 0183 compatible chart plotters, radars, and on-board laptop PC’s.

Designed for use with most existing analogue transducers already fitted to a vessel, or new analogue transducers. Our industry proven depth sounder algorithm has the best-in-class seabed tracking, and when in conjunction with a good quality depth transducer, can track the seabed down to 0.3m or 1 foot (proven with Airmar transducers).