Airmar Transducers

Global supply chain issues and the worldwide shortage of semiconductors have made most of Airmar's popular transducers impossible to find. Many of Airmar's products have been out of stock and on back order since the summer of 2021. Dealer inventories were depleted last summer and Airmar has been unable to provide new stock. If you are looking for an Airmar transducer it is likely that no one in the US has one available right now.

Based on conversations we have had with Airmar's US distributor we believe that new supply will begin to become available between January and March of 2022. At first most of the new supply will be dedicated to filling existing back orders for both manufacturers and dealers. We feel it will probably take until sometime during the summer of 2022 for all of the back orders to be filled and dealer stock to return to normal levels.

While we do not have that transducer you are looking for, we are taking orders to be filled as soon as our back orders are filled. Until the supply of Airmar transducers is back to normal we will be accepting pre-orders that will be filled in the order that they are received.

Call 800-456-6740 to get on our list! 

We will need your credit card but you will not be charged until we ship and you can cancel your order at any time.