Airmar Transducers

Airmar CM275LHW Chirp Transducer - Garmin 12-Pin

Brand: Airmar
Part Number: CM275C-LHW-12G

Complete kit includes transducer a matching cable compatible with the following units: Garmin GPSMAP XSV Series, GSD25 Dual Channel Chirp only

Get more coverage under the boat with Airmar's new wide beam CHIRP product line. Offerings high frequency range of 150-250 kHz and a constant 25° beam width, these transducers are truly broadband at its best. In addition to improving the performance of CHIRP-ready echosounders, anglers using the new wide beam transducers will achieve twice the coverage under the boat compared to our current high frequency CHIRP transducers.

A unique property of the new high frequency transducers is that the beambwidth is a constant 25° angle across the entire frequency band.

  • Depth & temperature
  • 42-65 kHz L
  • 150-250 kHz H
  • Multiple install methods
  • Urethane housing
  • 1 kW
  • Wide 25° beam