Airmar Transducers

Airmar H2183 Heading Sensor - Solid State - 10 Hz

Brand: Airmar
Part Number: H2183-10

The solid-state three-axis compass, combined with Airmar’s additional advanced sensors and software provide unparalleled performance. What sets the H2183 apart from the competition is its ability to maintain 2° of heading accuracy under dynamic motion conditions, such as steep heeling, hard turns, and rough seas. Heading integrated with the three-axis rate gyro and three-axis accelerometer data allows the H2183 to maintain 2° of accuracy even if the vessel is pitching and rolling up to 30°. This level of accuracy is perfect for interfacing with autopilots, chart plotters, and radar systems.

  • Better than 1° heading accuracy in static conditions

  • Best-in-class 2° heading accuracy in dynamic conditions

  • Three-axis solid-state compass provides heading data

  • Three-axis accelerometer provides pitch and roll data

  • Three-axis rate gyro provides rate-of-turn data

  • Compass calibration can be easily done on any display or PC

  • Default 10 Hz update rate for heading (HDG)

  • Outputs NMEA 0183 and NMEA 2000 data simultaneously

NMEA 0183 Sentence Structure

$HCHDG ............ Heading, Deviation, and Variation
$HCHDT ............ Heading Relative to True North
$TIROT ............... Rate of Turn
$YXXDR ............. Transducer Measurements: Vessel Attitude

NMEA 2000® Supported PGNs

127250 .......Vessel Heading
127251 ....... Rate of Turn
127257 ....... Attitude

Static Compass Accuracy: 1° RMS when level
Dynamic Compass Accuracy: 2° RMS (Best-in-Class)
Heading Display Resolution: 0.1°
Settling Time: 1 second (adjustable)
Heading Data Output Update Rate:—10 Hz—NMEA 0183—Adjustable up to 20 Hz—NMEA 2000®
Rate-of-Turn Range: 0° to 70° per second
Rate-of-Turn Accuracy: 1° per second
Rate-of-Turn Data Output Update Rate:—2 Hz—NMEA 0183 (Adjustable up to 10 Hz)—Adjustable up to 20 Hz—NMEA 2000®
Pitch and Roll Range: ±50°
Static Pitch and Roll Accuracy: <1°
Dynamic Pitch and Roll Accuracy: <3°
Pitch and Roll Display Resolution: 0.1°
Pitch and Roll Boat Alignment: Yes with software
Pitch and Roll Data Output Update Rate:—2 Hz—NMEA 0183 (Adjustable up to 10 Hz)—Adjustable up to 20 Hz—NMEA 2000®
Supply Voltage: 9 VDC to 16 VDC
Supply Current: <140 mA
NMEA 2000® Load Equivalency Number (LEN): 3
Certifications and Standards: CE, IPX6, RoHS, IEC60945