Awlgrip Awlcraft 2000 Bertram White - Quart

Brand: Awlgrip
Part Number: F8510Q

Awlcraft 2000 is a fast drying, acrylic urethane high gloss topcoat for an easy-to-apply, high gloss finish.

  • Long lasting gloss and color retention
  • Fast drying
  • Easy to apply, buffable finish
  • Spray Application Only

Mix by volume two parts AWLCRAFT 2000 Topcoat Base Component with one part AWLCAT #2/G3010 Spray Converter to a smooth, homogenous mixture. Reducer addition level required to achieve 14 seconds viscosity (DIN4 or equivalent) varies color to color. For standard conventional spray application this can be attained by adding up to 25% reducer using the correct spray reducer(s) appropriate for conditions. For example, if a 25% reduction is used, overall mix is 2:1:¾ by volume (8 oz. Base, 4 oz. G3010, 3 oz. T0003 Reducer).