Awlgrip Slow Dry Brushing Reducer - Gallon

Brand: Awlgrip
Part Number: T0031G
Brushing Reducer for Epoxy Primers and Urethane Topcoats
Use T0031 in Awlgrip Topcoats, 545 Epoxy Primer, and Awlquik Sanding Surfacer in brush/roller applications. T0031 evaporates very slowly, keeping the paint film open, maximizing flow and levelling while minimizing brush marks and roller stipple. For Awlgrip Topcoats, add T0031 at 10–33% of the total volume of the mixed color base and converter. Application and cure temperatures between 60–90°F(16–32°C)  produce  the  best  results,  with  70–85°F  (21–29°C)  being  the  optimum.  T0031  is  not  recommended  for  use  in  spray applications. If a “retarder” reducer is needed for spray application, T0005 should be used.
VOC:      940  g/lt  or  7.8  lbs/gallon