Awlgrip Hot Weather Reducer/Retarder - Quart

Brand: Awlgrip
Part Number: T0005Q
Hot Weather Reducer for Urethane Topcoats
Use T0005 in Awlgrip, Awlcraft 2000 and Awlcraft SE Topcoats when application and cure temperatures are 90–105°F (32–41°C). T0005 is most often used as an additive, blended with other spray reducers to improve flow. T0005 is seldom the sole reducer. At lower temperatures  (below  90°F/32°C)  T0005  can  be  blended  at  any  ratio  with  other  Awlgrip  topcoat  reducers  to  improve  flow  with  those products or increase the evaporation rate of T0005. T0005 has a very slow evaporation rate; using T0005 at temperatures below 75°F (24°C) may result in very long dry and tape times.
VOC:  975  g/lt  or  8.1  lbs/gallon