Colligo Emergency Shroud Kit 7 mm

Brand: Colligo
Part Number: CSS1000
Temporary replacement for up to 1/4" wire stays or shrouds.
Easily stowable, light and will not corrode.
Replaces up to 50 feet long shroud or stay.
Just splice on one Line Terminator™ to the desired shroud length and lash both ends on with the provided lashing line.

Kit Contains:

  • 1 unspliced, Line Terminator™.
  • 55 ft, 7 mm, 15,000 lb Breaking Strength, Synthetic
  • 12 strand line (Dynex Dux) with a Terminator™ spliced on one end.
  • 20 feet of Lashing line for lashing both ends.
  • 6 Inch piece of chafe protection for spreader ends.
  • Fids for Splicing.
  • Easy, water resistant, splicing instructions.
  • Water resistant 15” x 12” x 3” package.