Colligo Synthetic Rigging

The best synthetic standing rigging option for many reasons:

  • 1/4 to 1/5 the weight of steel systems
  • The Safest standing rigging system, fully inspectable with visible failure mode cues. When sized by our methods the rig is 2-5 times stronger than wire or rod rigging providing a much larger factor of safety.
  • Best UV resistance, predicted 5-8 years life in the tropics now and will probably get better as more data comes in.
  • Lowest Cost as it is generally 1-1.5 times the cost of wire.
  • Very do it yourself friendly, easily spliceable and replaceable.

Sized for equivalent stretch so you will get the same performance.
With our sizing methods you will get virtually no creep.
Turnbuckle or lashing tensioning systems available.
We have rigged over 250 boats worldwide, monohull and multihull, cruisers and racers.