Comnav G9 Smart Antennas

ComNav's series of GNSS smart antenna Real Time Kinematic (RTK) solutions provide precise positions of up to 1 cm accuracy, coupled with precision headings up to 0.01 degrees for professional dynamic performance, to a range of commercial solutions with precise positions up to 2.5 meters coupled with headings within 0.5 degrees for specialty applications.All GNSS Position & Heading antenna solutions support multi-frequency and multi-constellations including GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, Galileo, QZSS and other satellites for complete redundancy. The universal smart antenna receivers can be self-configured to operate as Base Station or Rover for various applications.         

Comnav G9  GNSS Receiver
Survey Grade – 1 cm CapableRover suitable for USVs, hydrographic, research and scientific applicatio..
Comnav G9H Hand-Held Data Collector
Large 5.5” AMOLED DisplayDouble sealed to IP67 rating, Rugged field deviceShock and vibration resist..
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