Comnav 2001GF w/Std Gyro Interface & Fluxgate Compass Interface

Brand: Comnav
Part Number: 10030007

A basic ComNav 2001 electronics package includes: Control Unit, Distribution Box, Rate Stabilized Fluxgate Compass or Standard Sensor for a Magnetic Compass, Rotary Feedback, Output for Solenoid Valves and Interconnecting Cables.

  • Fixed station autopilot, either flush or bracket mounted
  • Reliable in any sea and weather condition
  • Suitable for larger vessels, in the range of 80 to 500+ feet
  • Three "Turn" functions, Continuous, Emergency and "U" Turns
  • Power steering feature for ease of maneuvering
  • Port and Starboard dodge buttons for collision avoidance
  • Compatible with most standard types of steering systems
  • "Hands Off" automatic trim

Operating Voltage: 12-32V DC
Power Consumption: Average 0.5 amps, 3 amps Peak
Solenoid Output: 3 amps max.
Clutch Output: 3 amps max.
Navigational Interface: NMEA 0183
Heading Output: N+1, NMEA 0183 and AD 10S
Heading Reference: Fluxgate or Magnetic Compass
Course Resolution:
Course Detection: 0.25°

Control Unit: 210mm x 95mm x 83mm / 8.25 x 3.75 x 3.25 inches
Distribution Box: 114mm x 133mm x 25mm / 4.5 x 5.25 x 1.0 inches
Fluxgate Compass: 122mm Diam. x 102mm High / 4.8 Diam. x 4 inches High

Gyro version
Sail version
A wide range of fixed or portable full function Remotes
Non Follow-up Jog switches
Remote Expander used to support up to 4 Remotes
Rudder Angle Indicator, easy-to-read analog display