Comnav G1 GNSS Satellite Compass, NMEA2000, w/6mcable

Brand: Comnav
Part Number: 11220008
ComNav’s Satellite Compass uses advanced GPS kinematic technology to update precise heading, position, rate of turn, speed, heave, pitch and roll information. With the single data cable plug-n-play installation, this low maintenance compass is made without moving parts and therefore does not require routine upkeep. Unlike magnetic or gyro compasses, accuracy is not affected by g-force or velocity. Integrated gyro and tilt sensors offer unmatched accuracy, providing heading during momentary loss of satellite signals so seamless navigation is experienced during quick GPS signal reacquisition.

Pinpoint Heading and Positioning Accuracy
The compass works by detecting GPS satellites in the visible sky and then uses this signal to compute positions within 2.5 meters (8.2 feet) and headings within 0.5 degrees. To account for the standard error in all GPS data calculations, the compass also tracks a differential correction that improves position accuracy to better than 1.0 metre (3.3 feet).