Comnav G7 High Precision GNSS

The range of professional smart antenna GNSS RTK solutions compute precise positions up to 1 cm accuracy coupled with precision headings within 0.01 degrees to a range of commercial solutions with precise positions up to 2.5 meters with headings within 0.5 degrees. The range of smart antenna features allow the user to self-configure either as base station or rover for a wide range of industry applications. ComNav’s GNSS Position & Heading products are compatible with built-in industry standard interfaces including UHF SATEL radios, Cel modems, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NMEA 2000, NMEA 0183, Ethernet, CAN and in some models, the products are IMO compliant and Wheelmark certified.            

Comnav G7 GNSS High Precision System Kit
1 cm Position, 0.01° Heading Capable Professional RTK receiver suitable for USVs, dynamic positio..
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