Digital Yacht

Digital Yacht AIS Receivers

Digital Yacht has the most extensive AIS Receiver range of any Marine Electronics manufacturer, with a model to suit every application. All of their AIS receivers feature the same highly sensitive, dual receiver design which monitors both AIS channels simultaneously. As well as processing significantly more targets than older single receiver designs, more importantly, these receivers never miss a single target and support all of the latest AIS message types including AIS SARTs and AtoNs.

Digital Yacht AIS Life Guard MOB/SART Alarm
The AIS Life Guard is the world’s first AIS Man Overboard Alarm designed to work with the new genera..
Digital Yacht AIS100 AIS Receiver
This value priced, entry level AIS receiver is Digital Yacht's most cost effective solution f..
Digital Yacht AIS100 AIS USB Receiver
This value priced, entry level AIS receiver is Digital Yacht’s most cost effective solution for ..
Digital Yacht AIS100 Pro Receiver (USB and NMEA Out)
Great entry-level AIS receiver for use with PC navigation software and chart plotters, such as the l..
Digital Yacht AISnode Receiver for NMEA2000
NMEA2000 is becoming more and more popular on new boats and nearly all new chart plotters have an ..
Digital Yacht uAIS Smart AIS Antenna w/ USB Power/Data Cable
Digital Yacht has launched an AIS product designed specifically for use with PC based navigation sys..
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