Edson 15" Tiller Arm - Aluminum - Standard Bore

Brand: Edson
Part Number: 926AL-15-610

Edson Tiller Arms are available in Bronze and Anodized Aluminum.  Bronze is used for cruising boats and boats with stainless or bronze rudderposts.  Aluminum is used for racing boats or boats with aluminum or composite rudderposts.

Edson highly recommends installing an autopilot independent of the primary steering system. This provides for a redundant/backup system in the event of steering gear or cable failure—in effect an “Electronic Emergency Tiller”. Edson’s Autopilot Tiller Arm allows the autopilot to be mounted independently of the primary steering system and should be used to attach an autopilot to the rudderpost.

  • Specifically designed for use with linear drive autopilot systems.

  • Keeps Autopilot independent of Steering System.

  • Makes Autopilot an “Electronic Emergency Tiller”

  • 1” (25 mm) wide slot to accept ball end fitted with 1⁄2 ” or 12 mm diameter pins.

  • Constructed of Manganese Bronze or Anodized Aluminum.

  • Variable attachment points to allow for proper positioning of the attachment point of the autopilot.