Forespar Yacht Rod - X-Large

Brand: Forespar
Part Number: 352101
Precision design in three sizes- Excellent vang/boom support for performance cruising and racing- White powder coated aluminum amp; polished stainless steel- Supplied with spectra cable ready to add your tackle system- Your 4:1 equals 8:1 when installed on Yacht Rod™ - Can be led to small winch for additional power- Spring return holds boom- Brackets for mast and boom sold separately- Mast and boom fittings are listed below-
  • Eliminates need for boom topping lift
  • Supports boom in light air and when reefing and lowering the mainsail
  • Faster than hydraulics – No messy hydraulics to leak
  • More efficient than conventional tackles
  • Tubing is white coated anodized 6061-T6 aluminum and electropolished 316 stainless steel
  • Precision machined 6061-T6 aluminum clevis ends sheaves and Nylatron® bearings
  • Precipitation hardened stainless steel spring with fast-pin adjustment – rated for over 1 million compressions
  • No gas spring to lose its charge
Note of Caution: Oversheeting or leaning heavily on aft end of boom can bend the boom or the Yacht Rod™- The main halyard shackle should be snapped to the outboard boom end in port to prevent damage to the Yacht Rod™-nbsp; Furling booms weigh as much as 3 times the weight of standard booms- Standard vang spring will not support theirweight-<