Forespar Mast Fittings

Mast Pad Eyes

To complement our medium size Whisker Poles (LC 10-18), Forespar® designed the stainless steel PE-3SF & PE-3SC Mast Pad Eyes. Measuring 2.750" x 2.000", both pad eyes have inside ring diameters of 1.625". PE-3SF is for flat mast surfaces. PE-3SC is slightly bent to better accommodate a curved mast.

Mast Cars

Forespar’s line of aluminum and stainless steel mast cars are designed to work with Forespar’s Ultra Series and aluminum piston, piston with trigger and socket style end fittings. All 1-1/4” mast cars are made from solid cast stainless steel and precision machined inserts and toggle/knuckles assemblies when applicable.

The RC-125 “ring” style car is solid cast stainless steel and the ring is sized to fit our Ultra UXP (piston) and UTR (trigger) style mast cars. Note that ring cars cannot be used for vertical pole storage.

The FC-125 heavy duty mast car features an articulating “flange” that allows full freedom of movement of the pole end fitting without binding. The flange acts like a gooseneck and provides strength and safety for rigorous offshore use. This car will allow vertical pole storage on any pole up to 4.5” in diameter. The flange only is available separately and can be used on Selden #511 & 553 mast cars with no modification needed.

T-125-S toggle cars feature solid cast S/S cars with our popular toggle/knuckle connection for use with TS & UTS style socket ends. These cars are also good for vertical pole storage on pole up to 4.35” in diameter. The toggle/knuckle assembly (male pin) is available separately for use on other brand mast cars when Forespar socket ends are used with other brands of mast systems components.

The larger 1.5” mast cars have aluminum base cars machined from solid stock and use the same toggle/knuckle assemblies as the 1-1/4” cars.

All Forespar cars use UHMW inserts for smooth movement on the T-track and no metal to metal galling. All cars require an up-haul/down-haul rig (heel lift system) to control their movement vertically on the track.

Forespar Car RC-125 Ring Car
The ring and body of this unusually strong car is investment cast of 17-4 heat treated stainless ste..
Forespar Pad Eye PE-3SC
To complement our medium size Whisker Poles (LC 10-18) Forespar® designed the stainless steel PE-3SF..
Forespar Pad Eye PE-3SF
To complement our medium size Whisker Poles (LC 10-18) Forespar® designed the stainless steel PE-3SF..
Forespar PE-3-SF w/Gusset Pad Eye
Forespar Spinnaker Pole Car FC-125
These spinnaker cars are designed for the yachtsman who wants a safe effective means of pole attachm..
Forespar Spinnaker Pole Car T-125-S
Fits standard 1-1/4" T Track- Can be used for vertical storage on poles up to 4-1/2" diameter-..
Forespar Spinnaker Pole Car T-150-S
Fits 1-1/2" T Track- Aluminum body-..
Forespar TS Toggle Assembly Only
1/2" Vertical pin diameter- Fits Harken car #784-..
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