Forespar 24" SWG Tiller Extension - Golf Grip

Brand: Forespar
Part Number: 102004
Forespar’s® economical fixed length tiller extension is a better value- Featuring a removable Speed Lock (SL) rubber universal end fitting mounted on rugged 5/8” dia- black anodized aluminum tubing with rubber Ball End or Golf Grip style handle- For the small boat (up to 22’ maximum) sailor- Available in four of the most popular lengths: 18” 24” 30” and 36”-

Forespar’s® unique “Speed-Lock” end allows for a full 360° of rotation (twist) without binding or failure- It is quickly and easily removed from the tiller by simply depressing the “button” in the base plate and sliding the end out- The base plate is a polymer material for maximum longevity and the universal can be easily unscrewed from the tiller handle and replaced with simple hand tools if replacement ever becomes necessary- Forespar’s® has taken “universal” tiller end fittings to the next level-