Harken Mk III Unit 1 Furler Parts

The parts listed here are the most commonly and easily replaced components. If you need a replacement for something not shown here, consult the complete parts list in the owners manual for all components.

Harken Mk III Unit 1 Owners Manual

Harken 7' Luff Foil for Mk III Unit 1/1.5
Description = 7' (2.13 m) Luff Foil ExtrusioUse with furling unit = 1, 1.5..
Harken Fastener 8/32 x .156 Slt Fi (No.6)
Mk III Unit 1 foil connector screw..
Harken Guard-1/1.5 MkIII Machined (1/2)
Two required for complete assembly. Fasteners sold separately...
Harken Trim Cap for Mk III Unit 1/1.5
Trim cap for top of foil extrusions. Fits Harken Mk III Unit 1 & 1.5...
Harken Connector Wedge (HFG216)
2 required for each foil connector...
Harken Guard Assembly for Mk III Unit 1/1.5 w/ Fasteners
Complete guard assembly with fasteners and spacers...
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