Icom M25 Handheld VHF, Float&Flash, USB, 5 Watt, Gray

Brand: Icom
Part Number: M25-GRAY

Icom pioneered the floating VHF marine radio and others followed. Setting a new trend with the IC-M24 and now the IC-M25. The IC-M25 has a flashing light feature that activates when the radio hits water, even if the power is off! If you drop this floating radio overboard, it's easier to find than ever, day or night.

The IC-M25 floats and lets you know where it is with the flashing red LED light and LCD/key backlight.  The built-in 1500mAh lithium-ion battery allows 11 hours (approx.) of long operation.  A standard USB connector (Micro-B type) is used for charging the IC-M25. Cigarette lighter cables or mobile batteries for charging smartphones or other devices can be used with the IC-M25

Supplied Accessories

  • Antenna, FA-SC59V
  • Battery pack, BP-282
  • Belt clip, MB-133
  • USB charger, BC-217SA
  • Handstrap