Karver KF 3.0 Large Race Furler w/ 3:1 Friction Sheave

Brand: Karver
Part Number: PF30030LR

The LARGE RACING KFR3.0 is a furler that can withstand a workload of 3 T. It is intended for sailboats from 30 to 45 feet. The LARGE KFR3.0 is a Karver furler of 3rd generation. It is fitted as standard with a carbon / Kevlar® continuous line wheel, a carbon housing, a 3: 1 friction sheave fitted with a captive fast pin, our drum remote locking system and a swivel also protected by our K Krok impact protection.
There are many options available to make it unique and perfectly suited to your needs.

The LARGE RACING KFR3.0 is delivered with a drum and its swivel. It allows furling in complete safety from the cockpit complementary so-called “flying” sails such as a gennaker, a code 0, a staysail, etc … It is also possible to furl an asymmetric spinnaker by equipping it with our KTS adapter.

For more than 15 years, Karver has been shaking up the market by regularly offering new innovations. We are at the origin of the remote locking systems of the continuous line wheel, of the system of quick furling line installation, captive fast pins, friction sheaves with fast pins, carbon drums, … and we are above all recognized for offering the lightest and most compact furlers on the market. This is the reason why we are very present aboard offshore racing yachts and aboard the most efficient yachts such as the Imocas which are equipped with more than 70% of our furlers.

This 3rd Karver’s generation of furlers definitely places us in a pioneering position. The precursor … is Karver.

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