Karver KF8 Furler w/ Lashing Eyes Drum - Swivel

Brand: Karver
Part Number: PF110000
Suitable for boats 50-75' - SWL = 8 Tons

Drum  locking  mechanism control  from  the  cockpit  (Patented).
Breaking load over twice the safe working load.
Swivel lightness decreases impact on the mast when hoisting/lowering the sail.

Quick fitting mechanism for the sail.
Quick fitting mechanism to the deck and halyard.
Fast and captive pins.
Quick engagement of the continuous line

Composite spool around the drum to protect the drum, the sail and the deck from impact.
Closed  structure  of  the drum prevents fingers from getting caught during the process.

Extremely light.
Unequally compact.
Low friction bearings
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