Karver KJ Jammers

Unlike traditional jammers that squeeze ropes between 2 jaws, Karver KJ jammer envelops the rope evenly around its cover with 3 jaws. 3 jaws move inside a cone to squeeze and hold the rope without making it wear. The load experienced does not matter; the rope stays in shape and does not slide.

The line at the bottom is used to close the jammer. When you have a halyard at the desired tension pull it and the halyard is held fast.  To release the halyard the twin wire rope handle can be used up to 200KG load. Above that you would  put the halyard on a winch to release the load.

The conical KJ can be taken off its base, which can then be bonded into a casing on the deck or in the mast.

Karver KJ15 Jammer
Max Working Load = 1.5 Tons Max Rope Diameter = 12mmUnlike traditional jammers that squeeze ropes be..
Karver KJ25 Jammer
Max Working Load = 2.5 Tons Max Rope Diameter = 14mmUnlike traditional jammers that squeeze ropes be..
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