Karver KSF8 Top Down Furler w/ Lashing Eye - Drum - Swivel

Brand: Karver
Part Number: PF110000SPI

Suitable for boats up to 50-75'. SWL = 8 Tons

Unlike traditional code sail furling,spinnaker furling starts from the top of the sail.The tack swivel on KSF furler makes sure the furling is safe and does not damage the spinnaker.

Furling can be safely done single handed from the cockpit!

The  integrated tack line swivel makes this furler really compact.

The same furler can be interchanged to use with the full inventory of sails: code sail, staysail, or asymmetrical spinnaker.

The difference from a standard KF drum is the addition of an independent swivel on the top which helps keep the system light.

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