Magnum Automatic Generator Start Module - Network

Brand: Magnum
Part Number: ME-AGS-N
Magnum Energy ME-AGS-N Automatic Generator Start Module for Network Versions, STATUS Indicator, TEST Button, Wiring Terminal Block, Mounting Flange, READY Indicator, NETWORK Connection Port, REMOTE Connection Port

Imagine being able to enjoy a day away all-the-while knowing your living space will stay cool and comfortable and your batteries will stay charged and ready for all of the activities that make up daily life. The Magnum AGS is compatible with most major generators, including Onan, Powertech, Generac, Westerbeke, Kohler, EPS, Northern Lights, and most portable generators with electric start

Key Features
  • STATUS Indicator: a bi-color (green or red) LED indicator that illuminates to provide information on the AGS’s operation
  • TEST Button: a momentary pushbutton that allows the AGS system to be tested for correct wiring and generator start/stop operation

  • Wiring Terminal Block: 8-port friction-fit connector that powers the AGS and connects the generator’s start/stop and run sense wires
  • Mounting Flange: used to secure the AGS to a shelf or a wall. Four black oxide #8 x 3/4 Phillips, pan head screws are provided to mount the AGS
  • READY Indicator: a green LED indicator that illuminates to signal that the AGS is powered
  • NETWORK Connection Port: RJ14 port that provides the connection point for the network communication cable
  • REMOTE Connection Port: RJ14 port that provides the connection point for the remote temp sensor cable
  • Internal Access Screws: four #6-32 x 3/8 Phillips screws that must be removed to access the DC Input Jumper and the 4-position DIP Switch

  • Specifications
    • Selectable cabin temperature for genstart: 65-85 °F
    • Selectable battery voltage for genstart: 10-12 VDC or 20-22 VDC
    • Selectable generator run time: 1-5 hours
    • Clock: Adjustable 24-hour clock