Maretron System Monitoring

Maretron’s products communicate over a Controller Area Network (CAN bus) using the National Marine Electronics Association’s NMEA 2000® protocol. The advantages of using CAN bus are numerous and include low wiring complexity with all components interconnected through a single cabling system.  The reduction in wire over conventional systems is significant resulting in lower installation and maintenance cost and lower overall vessel weight. And since the individual products are connected to drop lines from the main trunk line, a single product failure doesn’t affect communication between other devices.

Maretron Alternating Current AC Monitor
Maretron's ACM100 is a device which monitors AC power sources and outputs information about these so..
Maretron Fluid Pressure Monitor, NMEA 2000
Maretron's Fluid Pressure Monitor is used to adapt up to six pressure transducers to the NMEA 2000® ..
Maretron Fuel Flow Monitor, NMEA 2000
Maretron's FFM100 provides precision fuel flow information to help optimize fuel consumption, whic..
Maretron Rudder Angle Adapter
The RAA100 is used to adapt commercially available resistive rudder angle senders to the NMEA 2000..
Maretron Run Indicator Module RIM100
Maretron's Run Indicator Module monitors both AC and DC electrical circuits and reports, over an NME..
Maretron Switch Indicator Module SIM100
Maretron's Switch Indicator Module monitors switch closure devices including, but not limited to, ..
Maretron TLM100 Tank Level Monitor - 40" Depth Max - No Gas
Maretron's TLM100 is used to sense fluid levels of tanks by using ultrasonic technology. Ultrasoni..
Maretron TMP100 Temperature Module
TMP100 requires configuration. (Maretron DSM150, DSM250, USB100, or IPG100 needed to configure)Mare..
Maretron Alarm Module
Maretron's ALM100 alarm module generates visual and audible alerts for any monitored condition. The ..
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