Marlow MGP Furler 50

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Continuous line furlers are harder on the furling line due to the high speed at which they turn and the jaws of the furler drive unit which grip the rope like the jaws in a self-tailing winch. Traditional core dependent ropes can't be spliced end for end without an increase in diameter, which would catch in the furlers' jaws.

MGP Furler 50 from Marlow is a structural cover over a nonstructural core. The cover is made from a Vectran / Technora cover giving it superior heat and abrasion resistance.
The snakeskin pattern allows for easy end-to-end splicing with no diameter increase.

Termination options: Endless Loop
Construction: Polypropylene or 12 Strand Dyneema SK78
Cover: 16 Or 24 Plait Vectran Or Technora / Polyester SnakeSKin
Applications: Continuous furling systems

Easy splicing for endless loopsGood abrasion resistanceGood clutch and jammer performance