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Samson Warpspeed II

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If you liked it before, you’ll love it now. WarpSpeed™ II is a high strength, low stretch and extremely lightweight double braid. A new 24-strand polyester cover surrounds a Samthane-coated color-matched core of 100% SK-78 Dyneema® for excellent wear and resistance to the elements. The SK-78 Dyneema® core provides the 100% of strength for this line with improved creep performance for better control. Stretch: .62% at 20% of breaking strength.

Key Features 

  • WarpSpeed™ II core of 100% SK-78 Dyneema® is exceptionally strong, with enhanced creep reduction properties
  • Good wear and resistance to the elements
  • High strength, low stretch and extremely lightweight double braid
  • Flexible 24-strand polyester cover with a slightly knobby, grippy texture and a cool, new "Euro" look
  • Samthane-coated core is tightly woven, for good durability when you strip the cover back
  • Low creep performance for better control and consistent repeatability of your control settings
  • The cover can be easily stripped for greater weight savings

Common Applications

Excellent for any low-stretch application on lines that get handled frequently, including:

  • Mainsheets, jib and genoa sheets
  • Spinnaker afterguys and sheets with the cover partially stripped
  • High-strength, low stretch control lines or lightweight halyards

DIAM. (inch) WEIGHT PER 100 FT. (lbs) AVG. STRENGTH (lbs) DIAM. (mm) WEIGHT PER 100 M (kg) AVG. STRENGTH (kg)
5/16 3 6,200 8 4.5 2,800
3/8 3.8 9,800 9 5.7 4,400
7/16 5.8 14,000 11 8.6 6,400