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Schaefer Boom Vangs

A must on any boat, large or small, boom vangs are primarily used to control the leech of the mainsail by restraining the boom from rising when sailing. This helps eliminate excessive sail twist which when left uncontrolled can make your boat unstable with an increased tendency to roll in waves.

Investment cast snap shackles offer quick and exacting placement of the tackle allowing the system to be moved to the toe rail for use as a preventer. This arrangement ”prevents” the boom from swinging back into the boat in light air and also helps avoid accidental gybes in heavy air.

Schaefer Boom Vang - 4.1 - Boats to 20'
Schaefer 35-20 vang features a 4:1 purchase. Stamped D Shackles ensure secure attachment and V-Ja..
Schaefer Boom Vang - 4.1 - Boats to 27'
35-04 features 3 series blocks with Stamped D Shackles for secure attachment. Great for most boat..
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