Shakespeare Antennas

Shakespeare VHF Whip Antennas

For over a century, Shakespeare has maintained a winning tradition of getting there first with the best antenna. This is particularly evident today as other antenna manufacturers promote “innovations” that they pioneered years ago and now regard as standard features. Take, for example, low angle of radiation. Our engineers developed low angle techniques in marine antennas in the 1960s. Or take hand-soldered connections, brass and copper elements, or metal ferrules for demanding conditions. Or ultra smooth, extra durable, polyurethane finishes. All were introduced, and remain superior, in Shakespeare antennas.

Boaters worldwide know and trust Shakespeare innovation, performance, quality and reliability. Command and communication centers aboard ships of the U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Navy and military services around the globe count on Shakespeare for antenna design, technology and quality manufacture.

Shakespeare 5215 3' Stainless Steel Whip Antenna
A favorite with Sailboat owners, this light weight, low profile, stainless steel antenn..
Shakespeare VHF 15in 5216 SS Black Whip Antenna - Bracket Includ
End-fed, center loaded stainless steel whipHead for the regatta! This super light-weight black VHF ..
Shakespeare 5241 3' VHF Antenna
The perfect choice for bassboats, center console fishing boats, or any vessel where ..
Shakespeare Low Profile Skinny Mini VHF Antenna - 36"
This compact, lightweight antenna is ideal for vessels where space is limited - bass..
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