Shakespeare Antennas

Shakespeare 5241 3' VHF Antenna

Brand: Shakespeare
Part Number: 5241-R

The perfect choice for bassboats, center console fishing boats, or any vessel where compact size is most important.

  • Chrome plated brass canister minimizes de-tuning.
  • Hermetically sealed, tin-plated copper wire coil
  • Requires mount with center hole for passage of the supplied 15' RG-58 cable. PL-259 connector included
  • Stainless steel whip (36")
  • Suggested mount: Style 4187, 4188-S, or 4190 Ratchet Mount
  • One section
  • The 5241 is the same as the 5240, but with a heavy-duty stainless steel whip for extra stability at high speed.