Simpson Lawrence Sprint 500 Parts

1 Rope/Chain Gypsy 1/4" - Chromed Bronze 605298RC6
  Rope/Chain Gypsy 1/4" - Plastic 60529G6
9 Torsion spring 6060509
10 Control Arm - Plastic 6060510
11 Control arm shoulder screw 605-011
13 Needle roller clutch 529-015
14 Needle roller bearing 605-014
16 Drive Roller 6044518
20 Cheese head screw 605-020
42 Needle roller bearing 605-042
43 Needle roller bearing 529-014
44 Counter sunk socket screw 529-020
45 Socket head cap screw B0841
80 Rope/Chain Fleming - Plastic 6060580
80 Rope/Chain Flemming - Stainless 66000031
93 Seal & Gasket kit 6060593
94 Motor cover kit 66000610*
95 Electric motor and cover kit 66000610*
99 Clutch cone 529-099
*The Lewmar V700 motor has the same spline and mounting pattern as the original 6060595.  The V700 is about an inch longer and is higher wattage.  Please check for clearance and verify your electrical system will handle the higher wattage before ordering.

*Some Sprint 500s were supplied with Chromed Bronze (shiny metal) gypsies, others were supplied with hard plastic gypsies.  If you have a plastic gypsy and would like to upgrade to a metal gypsy you will need to order two 529-099 clutch cones.

Simpson Lawrence Control Arm for Sprint 400/500/600 - Plastic
Plastic control arm for Simpson Lawrence Sprint 400/500/600. This is a machined plastic part to repl..
Simpson Lawrence Gypsy for Sprint/Horizon 400/500 -Plastic
Original plastic gypsy fits both Sprint and Horizon 400/500 models. Fits 1/4" chain and 1/2" three-..
Simpson Lawrence Rope/Chain Stripper (Plastic)
Plastic rope/chain Fleming prevents rope and chain from wrapping back around gypsy. Fits selected S..
Simpson Lawrence Torsion Spring - Sprint 400/500/600
Fits plastic control arm on Simpson Lawrence Sprint 400/500/600...
Lewmar V700 Motor Kit
Replacement motor for Lewmar V700 and Simpson Lawrence Sprint 600 windlasses. Will also fit Simpon L..
Lewmar Screw 18/8 SS C HD M5 20 mm
18/8 Stainless Steel Cheese Head Screw - 5mm x 20mm..
Simpson Lawrence Gypsy for Sprint/Horizon 400/500 - Chromed Bronze
Original chromed bronze gypsys for Simpson Lawrence Sprint and Horizon 400/500 models. When upgradi..
Simpson Lawrence Seal & Gasket Kit for Sprint 500/600
Includes reinforced rubber lip seal and waxed paper gaket...
Simpson Lawrence Clutch Cone (H500/S600)
Two required when converting from a plastic gypsy to a chromed bronze gypsy...
Simpson Lawrence Drive Rollers Set of 5
Set of 5 drive rollers for Sprint 500/600/900 windlass...
Lewmar 529-014 Needle Roller Bearing
Lewmar 529-014 Needle Roller Bearing..
Lewmar 529-015 Needle Roller Clutch
Roller clutch - one way bearing..
Lewmar 605-014 Needle Roller Bearing
Lewmar 605-014 Needle Roller Bearing..
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