Spinlock Spinblock - BRS-63

Brand: Spinlock
Part Number: BRS/63

This jammer block is for situations where a fixed foot block can’t help: peeling spinnakers, or changing a sheet winch.

  • Controlled spinnaker handling
  • Attached with webbing strop, positioned on a toe rail or padeye
  • No drilling and no clutter on deck
  • Plain bearing sheave provides smooth running at low loads
  • Excellent durability at high loads
  • Strop allows fullest rotation for spinnaker sheet use
  • CAM has three distinct operating modes

Sheave Diameter / Type

BRS/50 - 50mm (2") composite
BRS/63 - 63mm (2 1/2") alloy

SWL Sheave

BRS/50 - 800kg (1760lbs)
BRS/63 - 1200kg (2640lbs)

Safe Cam Load

BRS/50 - 160kg (352lbs)
BRS/63 - 240kg (528lbs)

Line Diameter

BRS/50 - 6-10mm (1/4-3/8")
BRS/63 - 8-12mm (5/16-1/2)