Spinlock Deck Organizers

Spinlock is an independent and innovative company, widely acknowledged as the world expert in rope-holding. Based in Cowes UK, the “Home of Yachting”, Spinlock has over thirty years’ experience of designing and manufacturing rope holding equipment for sailing boats from dinghies up to the largest Superyachts.


Sheave type Max. load per sheave Total load per unit Max. rope size
T25 25mm (1") composite 400kg (880lbs) No of sheaves x 200kg (440lbs) 10mm (3/8")


38mm (1-1/5") composite 600kg (1320lbs) No. of sheaves x 300kg (660lbs) 12mm (1/2")


50mm (2") composite 1000kg (2220lbs) No. of sheaves x 500kg (1110lbs) 14mm (9/16")


50mm (2") alloy 1500kg (3300lbs) No. of sheaves x 750kg (1650lbs) 14mm (9/16")