Spinlock Rope Clutch Parts

We stock the most common replacement parts for Spinlock XAS, XTS and XCS rope clutches, and in most cases ship the same day you order.  If you need a replacement part not listed here or have an emergency during a regatta, please feel free to give us a call.

We'll do our best to get your rope clutch replacement parts shipped quickly.

Spinlock XAS Replacement Handle
Replacement Handle for XAS Clutches..
Spinlock XTS/XCS Replacement Handle
XTS and XCS Aluminium Handle (Black)..
Spinlock XT/C Cam Module (8-14mm)
Designed especially for holding high strength small diameter lines. Fits XT, XTS, XC and XCS Powerc..
Spinlock XAS Service Kit (4-8mm)
The complete service kit for your XAS clutches (4mm – 8mm)..
Spinlock XAS Service Kit (6-12mm)
The complete service kit for your XAS Clutches. Kit includes XAS-CAM, XAS-SIDE, XAS-HDL, XAS-BASE06..
Spinlock XAS Side Cheeks (Pair)
Replacement side fairings for XAS Clutches...
Spinlock Replacement Base XT, XC, XR, XTS and XCS
Replacement Base XT, XC, XR, XTS & XCS Clutches..
Spinlock XA/XAS Cam Module (6-12mm)
Replacment CAM for XA and XAS Clutches..
Spinlock XAS / XA Spring Arm
Replacement spring arm for XAS and XA clutches..
Spinlock XAS Side Mounting Kit
Side mounting is often the best solution for Spars, Side Decks and Coamings...
Spinlock XTR 8-12mm Handle and Cam/Base module
Service kit for XTR clutchesIncludes replacement handle and replacement reactor cam moduleReactor ca..
Spinlock XTS service kit (CAM-0814, X-BASE, X-HDL)
Complete service kit for XTS clutchesIncludes replacement cam (CAM-0814), replacement base (X-BASE) ..
Spinlock XTS Side Cheeks (Pair)
XTS Side Fairings (Pair)..
Spinlock XTS Side Mounting Kit
Side mounting is usually the neatest solution for spars, side decks and coamings. Supplied with fai..
Spinlock XX Jaw Set/Moulding Kit Upgrade
New Jaw profiles in 2010, developed to work consistently across a wider range of blended rope covers..
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