Awlgrip Awlcraft SE Bertram White - Gallon

Brand: Awlgrip
Part Number: L8028G

AwlGrip Awlcraft SE Topcoat White is a revolutionary new basecoat clearcoat system encompassing metallics, pearls and effect pigments and is fast drying with excellent opacity. Awlcraft SE is designed to work as one layer of a multi-part system. Awlcraft SE imparts the colour and effect and is then topcoated with a clear high gloss finish topcoat to give gloss and protection. This combination forms a high performance, high gloss robust topcoat system. Awlcraft SE provides coverage, effect finish (metallic, pearl or effect) and is applied to the primer or previous Awlgrip/Awlcraft topcoat finish. It is a fast drying formulation which allows multiple coats to be applied within a day reducing working time overall.

  • DO NOT add accelerators to Awlcraft SE.
  • Awlcraft SE is designed for spray application only.
  • Awlcraft SE must be clear coated.
Mix Ratio (Spray Only): Mix by volume 100 Parts of Awlcraft SE Topcoat Base Component with 50 Parts Reducer and with 15 Parts G3010 - Awl Cat #2 Spray Converter. Mix to a smooth, homogeneous mixture. Awlcraft SE basecoats are designed for spray application only and have a significantly shorter pot life than regular topcoats. Do not add accelerators to Awlcraft SE.

Reducer: T0001, T0003, T0005
Curing agent: G3010 (Awlcat #2)
Mix Ratio by Volume: 1 : 0.5 : 0.15
Awlcraft SE Base : Reducer : Awlcat #2
Wet Film Thickness: 2-4 mils (50-100 microns) per coat
Dry Film Thickness: 1-2 mils (25-50 microns) per coat
Number of coats: 2 or more
Application Method: Conventional air atomized spray
or HVLP spray