Digital Yacht

Digital Yacht uAIS Smart AIS Antenna w/ USB Power/Data Cable

Brand: Digital Yacht
Part Number: dyaZDIGUAIS
Digital Yacht has launched an AIS product designed specifically for use with PC based navigation systems. The new AIS receiver, called uAIS, connects via USB direct to a PC or MAC and comes with a 5m USB cable. Its integrated antenna makes it a true plug 'n' play AIS solution for your onboard computer.

Simply plug in the USB cable and set up your software to view AIS data. uAIS can be placed in the cockpit, under a spray hood, clipped on a rail or even permanently mounted, and will typically receive targets from up to 10NM even when mounted at deck level. So, not only is it kind to your wallet, but it's also extremely versatile. It would also be ideal for use on a charter boat as it's self-powered from the computer and doesn't require connection to the boat's battery system.