Schaefer Marine

Schaefer Foot Blocks

Schaefer foot blocks are Computer Machined to provide the strength needed in such high-stress applications. Choose from either elegant Stainless or Anodized Aluminum Top Plates.

Schaefer's Universal Circuit Sheave Package provides a durable and smooth delivery to the cockpit. Our unique ”Strip from the Top” design allows for complete disassembly without removal of the deck mounted base plate. Countersunk fasteners and a unique anti-rotation sheave pin keyed into the underside of the top plate provides a smooth surface to eliminate chafe and fouled lines.

Put your best foot forward with Schaefer's handsome, low profile design which combines a clean look with Schaefer's Legendary Strength.

Schaefer 37-54 Aluminum Double Foot Block - 4"
37-54 Double Aluminum Foot Block. Computer machined base features aluminum sheaves with our nomex..
Schaefer Aluminum Single Foot Block - 3 1/4"
Boat Size Up To LOA, Displ., Sail Area: 38', 18000 lbs., 715 sq. ft. (11.5 m, 8182 kg, 66 m2), She..
Schaefer Aluminum Single Foot Block - 4"
Boat Size Up To LOA, Displ., Sail Area: 45' , 30000 lbs., 900 sq. ft. (13.6 m, 13636 kg, 83.6 m2),..
Schaefer Stainless Single Foot Block - 2 3/8"
Boat Size Up To LOA, Displ., Sail Area: 33', 12000 lbs., 530 sq. ft. (10 m, 5455 kg, 48 m2), Sheav..
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