Spinlock ZS Open Jammer for Lines 8-10mm

Brand: Spinlock
Part Number: ZS0810/OPEN

The essential solution for peeling spinnakers, headsails, and reefing. Unbeatable in an emergency

Features and Benefits
  • Easily attached to any strong point with a strop
  • Hinged body can be opened and closed like a snatch-block
  • Acts as an emergency line clamp in case of winch or other hardware failure, jammed halyards, riding turns, damaged lines
  • Frees a winch for a sail change

Lines: 8mm - 32mm (5/16" - 1 1/4")

Loads up to 7800kg (17,190lbs)


ZS0810/OPEN - 918g (32.4oz)

ZS1014/OPEN - 1349g (47.6oz)

ZS0810/OPEN - 2138g (75.4oz)

ZS0810/OPEN - 4150g (145.3oz)

ZS0810/OPEN - 6100g (213.5oz)


Use strop (not supplied) to attach ZS Open Jammer to a strong point on the deck