Tuff Luff

Tuff Luff 1706-46 Complete Kit

Brand: Schaefer
Part Number: 1706-46

The world's most competitive sailors know there is simply no substitute for Tuff Luff. If you are committed to a winning program, maybe it's time you got Tuff as well. Tuff Luff is a classic example of a simple idea, executed brilliantly. No moving parts. No complicated schemes. Just a few basic design principles realized through superb engineering and the highest quality materials. Whether you are a club racer competing on summer evenings or a round-the-world sailor facing the gales of the lower latitudes, you can rely on Tuff Luff to help you finish first.

Complete Kits Include:

  • Extrusion
  • Feeder
  • Prefeeder
  • Prefeeder-Lanyard
  • Instructions
  • Tuff Luff Tape and Knife
  • Sailing Tips
  • (2) Spacer Tubes